Air New Zealand – Advertising Campaign

A quick update. I have just been in Greece for a cheeky wee holiday with my family and a very welcome break from my computer (most of the time!) and am now back in London before heading to Paris next week and then on to Sweden to compete in Scandinavian Photo Challenge in Are, hosted by a favorite photographer of mine, Mattias Fredrickson.

Martin Place, Sydney

I wanted to share with you a few photos from a recent ad campaign that many of my winter images from New Zealand were used in. Air New Zealand ran an ‘exhibition’ in Martin Place Station in the center of Sydney’s CBD. My photos were amongst the work of Tony Harrington and Dan Himbrechts. To check out all the images that ran, go to

Each shot has a ‘plaque’ next to it with the information about the shot. If you have a smart phone you can scan in the QRR code and listen to an audio guide about each shot. Clever eh!?

There is to be another exhibition in Southern Cross Station in Melbourne this month. If you are in Melbourne and Sydney go check it out!

It is really cool to see my shots up on bill boards, I have 10 in total involved in the ad campaign.

Many thanks to Sarah Rutherford for taking the shots for me!