Central Otago summer time….

Just thought I would pop up a few shots quickly on how beautiful Central Otago is looking at the moment. The summer has been wetter than average, and things are looking more luscious and green this summer than they have in years.

Bannockburn Vineyards – Central Otago

At the weekend I headed to The Point, my boyfriends farm in Tarras. We went and spent a night in their hut they have near the top of the high country farm. The view from there is spectacular, looking back over towards Wanaka and the Southern Alps. The rain was pouring down over the mountains.

Looking over towards Wanaka and the Southern Alps

I decided to play around with doing some HDR (high dynamic range) images. This is when you take a series of images, at different exposures, and put them together in photoshop to form one image. It gives a ‘hyper real’ feel to the photo… I have to say that I dont like the effect. It is a bit of a trend at the moment, but I find the images to look to ‘photoshopped’ and they become digital art rather than photography. Here are my results below

HDR image of Central Otago, using 3 photos at three different exposures.  I don’t like it….

HDR image 2… better but i still don’t really like! its too ‘fake’ looking…

Aah back to the single frame classic image. I much prefer!

This shot was taken the next morning from the top of the Farm (1700m) You can see Lake Wanaka and some of the township. Beautiful… I think that HDR is pretty specialised, and can be useful in some situations, but I wont make a habit of shooting this way at all! Tonight I am off to hike Mt Roy, and sleep out at the top so I can shoot some photos of the sunset, stars over Wanaka and sunrise… Ill keep you posted on what shots I get. Thanks for reading!