My home of Scotland :: A travel adventure

I grew up in Scotland, far far away from my now home of Wanaka, New Zealand. I ended up in Wanaka for the skiing when I was 18 and somehow, over the years, I decided to stay. This doesnt mean that Scotland isn’t my home, its just that I choose to have two. Call me selfish but I love these two countries and call them both home. So every year I make the pilgrimage to my Scotland home, visit my family and go exploring in the Highlands.

Edinburgh Royal Mile
The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

I grew up near Edinburgh and went to school in the city. These quaint and character filled streets were all so familiar, I would walk by without really noting how wonderful they are. On this trip home I decided to walk the length of the Royal Mile from Hollyrood Palace to Edinburgh Castle, being a tourist in my own city. It was fun noticing all the quirky bits that make Edinburgh such a fun and vibrant city.

Royal Mile, Edinburgh
The Royal Mile, looking down towards Hollyrood Palace
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle from Princess Street Gardens

After a few days in Edinburgh I headed up to my parents house in the Highlands on the banks of Loch Insh. We grew up holidaying here, and it is one of my favourite places on earth. With some of the best single track mountain biking right from the door step, I find new trails each time we come back.

Mountain biking Scotland
My sister Katie shredding one of my favourite trails, Glen Feshie
Scottish mountain biking
Biking in Scotland can be a bit wet… Its hard to go on a ride and not get bog foot, or a Scottish tan!
Loch Insh, Kingussi
My family have boated, swam, fished and played on Loch Insh since my mother was wee.
Loch Insh adventure photograph
Sister Katie and Harris the spaniel
Highlands of Scotland
The Scottish Highlands

After some wonderful family time I decided to take some friends that were visiting to another favourite spot of mine on the West Coast, Applecross. This small town is situated in a remote part of Scotland over the highest mountain pass in the UK, Bealach Na Ba. It had been raining for two days straight before we left for our adventure, but none the less we persevered and was rewarded.

West Coast adventure
The clouds breaking as we neared the coast over Loch Carron.
Loch Kishorn
Loch Kishorn
Applecross road
Be warned; the road to Applecross. The best driving experience you will have in Scotland
Bealach Na Ba - Scotland
The views over Bealach Na Ba were nothing short of spectacular.
My cousin Tom soaking in the sights.


The road to Applecross, you don’t really want to meet a big truck coming down this road!
Glorious winding path over Bealach Na Ba pass
Isle of Skye
Applecross overlooking the Isle of Skye
The Cullins of Skye
A familiar sight on Scottish roads, single track with passing places and sheep.

We went on a walk to explore some of Applecross’s beaches and soak in the evening sun. We met a local on his push bike with a chilly bin full of Langoustine (large prawns) on the back. I asked with a cheeky grin if he was taking them to the pub for us to eat, and to my delight he answered yes! I knew what I was having for dinner!



Adventuring in the Highlands, Prue overlooks the West Coast Isles


Glorious times, friends & beer at the famous Applecross Inn.
Not a bad place to sink a pint
My new friend who we met on the bike served me a LARGE plate of langoustine (Scottish delicacy!) caught by him that day. Possibly the best seafood Ive ever had…


Claire and Prue



Scotland really turned it on for us, and showed the visitors what a beautiful country she is. Thanks so much to my father for lending me his car and sorry to the stag who ran into the side of us and dented the sh*t out of it! Sorry Dad…