Rebel Yell BMX shoot

With the closing day of most of the ski fields in NZ, came glorious spring sunshine and calm days. Yay, spring is here… Finally I was able to get a shoot done in Lismore Bike park after waiting 2 weeks for enough dry calm weather. The baby of James Keane, Lismore Park bike trails are lovingly hand sculpted and groomed all winter, for summer riding by a group of enthusiastic bikers, who volunteer to upkeep them, so they can keep riding these trails.

The dedicated kids come down after school to ride and help keep the jumps up to scratch.

James lovingly watering his jumps to keep them from turning to dust.

I was commissioned by Rebel Yell BMX magazine, to do a shoot here for thier trails book. Yesterday was a clear calm beautiful spring day, and I spent most of it hanging out with the kids in Lismore. Here are some shots.

Hunter Morrow

Ollie Roulston

Hunter Morrow


The BMX crew that keeps the jumps what they are, Hunter, Ollie, James

Summer is on its way and I am so very excited about shooting heaps more biking, BASE, trekking and general summer goodness.