Scandinavian Photo Challenge – My winning slide show

I know it happened a wee while ago, but my winning slide show has only just gone on line, to co-inside with the release of Dirt Magazine’s massive feature on the Scandinavian Photo Challenge. The Scandinavian Photo Challenge is part of the Are Bike Festival, held every July in Are, Sweden. One of my all time favorite action sports photographers Mattias Fredricksson very kindly invited me along to compete as one of 5 invited photogs. We had three days to shoot with our chosen team of bikers (Swedes Lina Skoglund & Linus Sjoholm and Kiwi Steve Murphy, hence ‘Team New Swealand!)  using the beautiful mountain of Are, and its 38 trails. We then had a day and a half to edit together a 5 min slide show, which premiered on the final gala night, judged by a panel of highly respected judges, from magazine editors, journalists and photographers.


I was up against some extremely talented and esteemed bike photographers:

Mattias Fredriksson, Sweden –

Markus Greber, Germany –

Kristoffer Kippernes, Norway –

Grant Robinson, Canada/UK –


After some very long few days with early starts and late nights shooting (with the midnight sun in Sweden, we could shoot all night!), I finally had my slide show together. I have to say I was extremely nervous on the big gala night, with NO idea what so ever of what the other teams had produced. It was so exciting to see the other shows, and see how they portrayed their week. We all had the same challenging weather, from freezing fog, pouring rain and scorching sunshine. I was delighted to come out on top and win the title. It was a real honor just to be invited, but to win, just amazing.

Yay we won!!

SO in case you missed it on all the facebook spamming, I thought I would share it with you, along with some behind the scene shots thanks to photographer Simon Joren. To view the other slide shows head to

(may I suggest full screen with the volume turned right up?)


Get the shot…

This shot of me is when I took this shot below (see the puddle in the distance? this is it below!)

Steve Murphy

Me and my team…Couldn’t have done it without a crew of such dedicated and ripping riders! Thanks guys!