Sheep shearing and heli skiing

I thought I would share a few snaps with you from my past few weeks adventures. I  have been very busy over the past month and a half with heaps of winter photo jobs on. With two weeks shooting the NZ Winter Games for Getty Images, followed by a photo shoot cat skiing with  Queenstown Snowcats, then straight into shooting the park side of The North Face Freeski Open. Then a wicked heli photo shoot for The North Face, with Harris Mountain Heli and Aspiring Guides. And squeezed in between a catalog park shoot for Atomic! So a bit of time in helicopters and a lot of time in the mountains has made for a good productive winter so far. I thought I would share some slightly abstract areal photography with you, snapped from the chopper as we flew. I love flying over the Kiwi farms, checking out the landscape and stock roaming amongst it!

Flying up the Matukituki River towards Mt Aspiring. I love NZ…

We had such a wicked heli shoot for The North Face. The snow was super stable so we were able to ski anything we wanted, there were so many lines to be skied! With Fraser McDougall, Janina Kuzma, Mitchey Greig and Geoff Small and Whitney Thurlow as our guides, I was able to get some pretty awesome shots… I cant show you any right now I’m afraid! They all skied lines off the right side of this face above, as I hung over the cornice to shoot! Safely of course… ehheeem. Tim Pierce was there filming, so I will post his vid of the day soon!

Tick Tacks? Flying over sheep getting ready to be sheered.

The Matukituki River as it braids its way towards Lake Wanaka

Shadows and cows

Driving down from Snow Park, looking over towards the Cardrona access road. Dusty?!

Amongst all the time on snow, I have been hanging out at my boyfriends farm in Tarras. Sheering is in full swing so I took along my camera to get some snaps of the Merino sheep getting shawn. I love watching these highly skilled shearers at work.

The Merino sheep wait to go into the woolshed to get shawn at The Point Farm…

Here you see the wool classers and rousies (wool handlers) working together like a well oiled machine

It is The North Face Freeski Open Big Mountain competition this week, and I will be shooting the qualifications and finals at Remarkables. We are also waiting on a weather window to shoot an over night adventure for The North Face, a bit of a product shoot… The skies are gray at the moment, but its cooling down with snow forecast this week. Winter aint over yet!