Some snaps from the West Coast

Over the long weekend, I took some R&R time and headed over to New Zealand’s ragged and wild West Coast. We ventured South of Haast to Hannah’s Clearing and camped on the beach with a BBQ and bonfire along with the local sandflies… Stunning spot. Just thought I would show you some snaps.

Tim Rutherford

Neils Beach – at this time of year it turns into a white baiters haven… Folk set up camp here and make their fortune in white bait

Jackson’s Bay – popular with fishermen, white baiters, surfers, sandflies and the occasional exploratory tourist.

Fisherman lighting up after a long day on the waters

Looking over to Hannah’s Clearing

Full moon…

Tim at our camp spot, BBQing some fresh local lamb and sausages. Not to mention a few marshmallows.

Hannah’s Beach under the full moon. This shot was taken when it was pitch black. Full moon makes it look like its day. Check out the stars…